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Save time, make more money, and get better results for your clients

Create Complete Fitness Programs

BodyKO gives you the power to organize and create multi-week workout and nutrition plans, customized for each of your clients. Adjust your programs as your clients reach their goals and find the perfect combination to keep progress and motivation going!

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Graphical Workout Builder

Create personalized workout plans using our extensive database of exercises — or add your own. The workout builder allows you to simply drag and drop the exercises that you’d like to use, so you can create workouts in a snap.

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Create Nutrition Plans

Steer your clients in the right direction with custom built nutrition plans to suit their dietary needs. You can select foods from our database and also add your own. Clients can keep a food diary to track their progress and stay accountable.

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Help Clients Reach Their Goals

BodyKO has all the tools you need to help your clients reach their goals. Custom fitness and nutrition plans set them in motion, while tracking holds them accountable. It’s also easy to keep in contact with your clients — send tips, motivation and congratulate them for a job well done.

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Mobile Ready

With the iOS and Android compatible BodyKO mobile site, you can access all of your client information while you’re on the go. You don’t have to be at a computer to give clients instant feedback, set up new programs, respond to messages, and more!

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What others say about us

Brilliant! BodyKO has saved me countless hours building workout plans for my clients. I love it!
Nick Stearns, Personal Trainer
I’ve used BodyKO to manage my client’s food plans and couldn’t be happier – very easy to use and reliable
Andy Tavarez, Diet and Nutrition Specialist

BodyKO saves you time, helps your clients get better results, and grows your fitness business